Music & Entertainment - Jan Eitel

Mr. Eitel has over 30 years of experience in entertainment as an
actor, singer, writer, producer, and director. Six years classical
voice training; 16 years in stage and theater (including 6 years
as director, writer, and producer with the Grace Dinner Theatre);
15 years as producer and musical director for 3 non-profit
groups; 5 years as a private vocal music instructor.

Jan has an easy going, fun style and people enjoy working with
him. He is known for his dedicated work ethic, quality
performance, and his ability to bring out the best in others.
Live music for Parties,
Concerts, Weddings, or most
any occasion!
Music Experience:
Singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. One solo CD, one
CD recorded with Mel and the Fresh Heads, and 15 other
recordings as a vocalist or instrumentalist. Instruments include:
Acoustic and Electric guitars, upright and electric bass, piano and
keyboard, octave mandolin, mountain dulcimer, penny whistle,
low whistle, native american flute, drums and percussion.
Stage Experience:
Hello Dolly, Rhinoceros, The Liar, Fiddler on the Roof, Guys and
Dolls, Damn Yankees, Carmen, Wheel of Fortune, High Button
Shoes, Adam and Eve (the untold story), The Risk, Murder etc., A
Christmas Carol, How the West was Really Won, and over 300
short plays, skits, improvisational comedy and drama with The
Book of Acts Improv Group.
Characters and Voice-Over Skills:
Exceptional reading skills, corporate, warm, PBS, tongue
twisters, slice of life. Over 50 different characters including:
French, German, Dracula, British (proper, cockney, stuffy),
Various stages of drunkenness, Surfer Dude, Western, Southern,
Dumb Guy, Alien, etc., etc.
Film, Video & TV Experience:
A Christmas Carol (KRMT TV in Denver), Wheel of Fortune (PBS),
Quality Time (Independent Film), The Risk (Independent
Film/Video), and 2 other Denver TV productions.

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