Street painting with pastels originated in Italy and has moved across the Atlantic ocean
to be a wonderful part of Art Festivals across the United States. Sydney, Jan and Carol
(along with their assistants Adrienne Hunter and Chad Walker)  have participated in
several of these street painting festivals over the past few years. Sydney and Jan sit on
the planning committee of La Piazza dell 'Arte; a well known street painting festival in
Denver Colorado.
The Duke
of Urbino
Crows in the
The Duchess of Urbino
Mona in Purple
La Gargolla di Firenze (painting of a cement door guard in Florence, Italy)
Looking for Street Painting for a party or an Art Festival?
Contact us or come see us in Larimer Square in Downtown Denver, June 2011
The Duchess is 4'x6'
painted in Winter Park, CO
by Jan & Sydney Eitel
The Crows were the last detail put into
the wheat field on Larimer Street in
Denver, CO by Sydney Eitel
and her assistants
Adrienne Hunter and Chad Walker.
This is the 1st large street painting that
Sydney and Jan Eitel worked together on.
It was so hot that day that the asphalt was melting in Larimer Square.
Although Jan pleaded on the second
day of creating Mona, Sydney still
put more color on poor Mona's lips.
She is a little pale, but we had
fun putting her on Larimer Street.
In June 2008 Jan and Carol won the award for
Best Reproduction of a Master at La Piazza dell
'Arte for their reproduction of the Duke of Urbino,
by Pierro della Francesca.
La Piazza dell 'Arte 2009
Sydney, Jan and Carol (and their assistants, Adrienne Hunter, Chad Walker, Michael Lockwood & Joy Jackson)
painted three 4' x 6' pieces on Larimer Square in Denver.
Carol's street painting was an original
piece. A great clown with a message.
Sydney's piece was a reproduction of
a 19th century block print of a
beautiful peacock.
Jan painted a reproduction of
Picasso's Le Musqatier.
La Piazza dell 'Arte (Denver Chalk Art Festival) 2010
Sydney, Jan and their assistants, Carol Walker & Adrienne Hunter painted two 4' x 6' pieces on Larimer Square in
Jan and Carol's street painting was a reproduction of an
original piece by Jan called "Looking for Hope."
Sydney and Adrienne's street painting was a reproduction of
an original piece by Sydney called "Walking into the Sunrise."